Our Obstetric Patients

tv-ad-obsAt Sound, we believe Care is everything, and travelling this pregnancy journey is as important to us as it is to you.

Below, learn about your pregnancy scans, meet our obstetric sonographers and let us organise your appointments for you.

We hope to support you throughout your pregnancy to deliver the best possible outcome.


Obstetric Ultrasound

We are passionate about delivering exceptional Obstetric Ultrasound services:

Offering the full fleet of obstetric scans, you can learn more and find out what to expect here.

Our Sonographers

We take care in your pregnancy journey:

You can be assured you’ll be cared for by exceptional, highly skilled sonographers throughout your pregnancy.


Book Your Scans

We are making it easier for you:

You can book your obstetric ultrasound appointments here. Let us know what you require and when it will suit you and we will organise the rest.