Sound Radiology announces Medicare Eligibility for MRI scans

Sound Radiology announces Medicare Eligibility for MRI scans

In April 2019, Sound Radiology was awarded an MRI licence allowing patients access to Medicare rebates for eligible scans.


Sound Radiology invested in not only a fully digital MRI, but the only unit of its kind with innovative audio-visual distraction technology in private practice here in South Australia. From changing ambient lighting through to watching a DVD or programmed imagery whilst inside the MRI bore, all patients are now enjoying the benefits of having their specialised scanning in a relaxing environment.

For paediatric and claustrophobic patients, accessing an MRI scan is often associated with the need for sedation, and in many cases, an anaesthetic in a hospital setting. At Sound Radiology, the audio-visual technology is enabling successful MRI studies without the need for sedation or admission to hospital for anaesthesia.

Upon Sound Radiology being awarded Medicare eligibility, patients can now access the benefits of state-of-the-art equipment with no out of pocket cost*. Sound Radiology CEO, Cara Miller comments, “in being awarded a Medicare licence, we are humbled to be acknowledged for the investment in innovative technology that supports South Australians achieve successful MRI studies”.

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*Sound Radiology is happy to announce bulk-billing for all Medicare eligible MRI studies providing the referral meets the requirements and standards set by Medicare.

Doing something different….

Radiology is a word that seems clinical, grey walls, big steely equipment, big words, big fear…… At Sound Radiology we’re different. We are different in the way we approach your medical imaging. And yes….. it is your choice where you go for your xray, CT, ultrasound and MRI. So make the choice, choose progressive, innovative and those who take down the steely grey walls and offer you a menu if you’ve been fasted, connect with your children to ease their fears, or let you meet the Radiologist Specialist to discuss your findings.

Yes, we are doing things differently, which is why you’ve probably heard about us on radio, seen our advert (and yes, they are our staff and our friends – no actors here) or been told about us by your friends and family. Radiology needs to be about you, it needs to be brilliant enough for your doctor, and that is why, more and more people are turning to Sound Radiology for all their medical imaging needs.

Time for you to make the change too.