Dental Imaging


Dental Imaging does not always mean just an xray. We offer the following dental imaging services, and not only that, in most cases you can come straight from your dentist and have your imaging done immediately.

We understand that dental imaging can be overshadowed by fear of the findings and that is why we have caring and expert staff to ensure to deliver the best in imaging for your dental specialist as well as meeting your expectations on service.

At Sound Radiology, we believe in innovation. We have been working closely with a number of Orthodontic Specialists to provide 3D printing for surgical planning. This ensures that specialists are well prepared for when complex surgical intervention and dental replacement is required. For more information on our 3D printing service, please get in touch.

We offer:

  • OPG Xray (Orthopantomogram)
    • An OPG is performed with you standing resting your chin onto a small platform. The radiographer will position your teeth gently onto the end of a small bite block to help separate your top and bottom jaw. The x-ray imaged is acquired by the machine rotating around your head to get a panoramic view of your dentition. Depending on your dental anatomy, an extra picture may need to be taken.
  • Lateral Cephalogram
    • A Lateral Cephalostat is generally required when needing orthodontic dentistry and is an x-ray taken in a side-on position to view your teeth and facial bones
  • Bone Age
    • Images taken of the left hand/wrist and a height measurement can be requested for ‘Bone Age’ to determine predicted growth.
  • Low Dose CT Dentascan
    • As we have a Low Dose CT scanner, we offer this as the full alternative to Cone Beam imaging. Why? Because it provides so much more detail and accuracy than a cone beam image for the equivalent radiation dose. So when it comes to a full dentition CT study, choose Sound Radiology’s Low Dose CT scanner for the best in detail and functionality of data at the lowest possible radiation dose.
  • 3D Printing for surgical evaluation

As our staff have paediatric experience, children tolerate this examination extremely well. Most dental x-ray examinations require only 5–10 minutes of your time. Following your x-ray, our radiologist will interpret your image and send a report to your doctor. If necessary, we can compare previous imaging for a more comprehensive evaluation and report

If you are having dental imaging, please see our checklist below.