Ultrasound Guided Steroid Injection

An injection of cortisone (steroid) is often requested to aid in the treatment of symptoms caused by inflammation of joints, muscles and tendons. It is performed using ultrasound to guide a mixture of local anaesthetic and cortisone into the area of concern allowing for accurate administration of the medication. We recommend that you to rest the area of concern for at least a day following the injection.

Your preparation requirements

You are not required to have any special preparation for the above examination unless specified our friendly staff at the time of booking your appointment.

What to expect

Our specialised sonographer will take you through to the ultrasound room and perform a thorough examination of the requested area if no previous imaging has been performed. Our Radiologist upon reviewing your imaging will come and discuss whether an injection is appropriate for your medical management.

If the injection is to proceed, our Radiologist will clean your skin and a mixture of both the medications will be guided into the area of concern. The effects of the anaesthetic can last 3-4 hours, however the cortisone usually takes from 3-5 days following the injection to start having any affect. We suggest that your follow up appointment with your referring practitioner be made after 10-14 days post-injection to allow for the best results.

You may experience some pain from the injection however this usually subsides relatively quickly following the procedure. If you are a diabetic, it is recommended that you monitor your blood sugar levels regularly for 2 days post injection.

Complications of this procedure are very rare, however you may experience some localised bruising or redness. Less commonly you may notice a flare, which is redness of your face and chest for about 24 hours following the procedure. If you start to experience extra pain and heat in the area you should contact your doctor immediately.

After your procedure

As with any needle that you may have, the site can bruise and be tender. Pain relief can be taken such as panadol (aspirin is not recommended). Temporary tingling and numbness at the site is not unusual and thus we recommend that someone drives you to and from your appointment. We recommend that you do on do any strenuous physical activity for a few days post procedure as to maximize the benefits of the cortisone injection.

If you experience severe pain, fever or prolonged numbness please consult both your referring practitioner and our staff here at Sound Radiology.

If you are having a ultrasound guided steroid injection, please see our checklists below.