General and Vascular Ultrasound

Ultrasound uses high frequency sound waves to generate images of the breast, testes, thyroid, lumps and bump as well as blood vessels (arteries and veins).


Your preparation requirements

You are not required to have any special preparation for the above examinations unless specified our friendly staff at the time of booking your appointment.

What to expect

Our ultrasound rooms are dimly lit to reduce the amount of ‘glare’ on our ultrasound monitors. You may be asked to change into a patient gown so that we can easily access the area and asked to lie on our ultrasound bed. A warm gel is applied to the area which enables us to send the sound waves through the skin to form the image.

Our Radiologist will review the ultrasound images to make sure that the examination is of the highest quality. Sometimes the Radiologist will come into the ultrasound room to see your scan in ‘real time’.

Ask our booking staff for how long your examination is likely to take. Most ultrasound scans take less than 1 hour. Once the examination is complete you may return to your normal activities unless specified by our Radiologist.

If you are having an ultrasound, please see our checklist below.