Abdominal Ultrasound

Your ultrasound will assess the pancreas, liver, kidneys, gall bladder, spleen and several other structures inside your abdomen. As it doesn’t use xrays, it is often used as a first line of investigations for abdominal pain.

Your preparation requirements

You will be required to fast from food and fluids for 6 hours prior to your examination.  If you have to take medications do so with a small sip of water, please ask your referring doctor or our booking staff for advice if you are concerned.

What to expect

Our ultrasound rooms are dimly lit to reduce the amount of ‘glare’ on our ultrasound monitors. You may be asked to change into a patient gown so that we can easily access your abdomen and asked to lie on our ultrasound bed. A warm gel is applied to your tummy which enables us to send the sound waves through the skin to form the image.

A series of pictures are taken to document your organs. This may require you told hold your breath at stages and to also roll in to certain positions. It is always important to let the Sonographer (ultrasound operator) know if they are near the tender areas or areas of concern. This helps to center the examination over the points of interest.

Our Radiologist will then review the ultrasound images to make sure that the examination is of the highest quality. Sometimes the Radiologist will come into the ultrasound room to see your scan in ‘real time’.

Allow up to 45 minutes for your examination.

If you are having an abdominal ultrasound, please see our checklist below.