Specialist Paediatric Imaging

The highly skilled team at Sound Radiology are invested in the exceptional care of infants, children and adolescents in a warm and inviting environment. We are proud to provide access to exceptional diagnostic imaging without long waiting times.

We offer a wide range of specialised paediatric-focussed radiology, from general X-rays through to advanced Paediatric MRI;

Digital MRI

Sound Radiology offers the only digital MRI in South Australia with an inbuilt audio-visual distraction system to successfully scan paediatrics without sedation or anaesthesia. We encourage our paediatric patients to come for a pre-appointment so we can provide a tour and discuss how we will work together to have a successful MRI experience.

We are also the only practice in SA that enables our patients to bring their own DVD to watch whilst in our MRI or patients can chose from a wide range of movies provided here onsite. For more about our MRI experience, see our YouTube video.


Sound Radiology not only has the specialist team of radiographers to tailor X-rays to a paediatric patient, it has the caring and inviting environment in which we can put our young patients at ease. We provide all forms of paediatric xrays including chest, limbs, spine through to dental.


Paediatric ultrasound is a sub-speciality area requiring a specialist skill set. Whether it is for a head, abdomen, renal, spine or other region ultrasound, please contact our friendly staff to find out more.