Your guide to MRI


You will be required to arrive at Sound Radiology 15 minutes prior to your scan time. This ensures sufficient time for all relevant paperwork to be completed prior to your scanning appointment. Please see below where you can download and pre-fill your consent form to bring along with you.


Patients will be collected by staff from the waiting room and taken down into the MRI zone. In this area patients may be required to change into a patient gown prior to their examination depending on the body area being scanned. This eliminates the possibility of metal objects in or on clothing causing any interference or hazard. Patients will be required to remove ALL metallic objects from their body including hearing aids, dentures, partial plates, glasses, hair clips (including bobby pins), body piercing and jewelry.  You may also be required to remove make up if it metal based (eye shadow). Patient belongings will be stored safely in lockers while the scan is being done.


The MRI machine can be quite noisy during the period of your scan. You will be required to wear hearing protection during the scan to prevent possible hazards related to acoustic noise. Staff will provide you with earplugs or earphones.  Earphones have the capability of playing music and our MRI staff will do their best to accommodate your preference of music choice.


Our MRI suite has been designed to ensure your imaging experience is stress free. Patients have the ability to control the mood and feel of the examination room whilst also being able to tailor viewing options. MRI staff will go through this in-bore experience with you in the scanning room.


You will be provided with a hand buzzer to hold during your examination; enabling you to easily alert staff of any concerns during your scan. MRI staff will instruct you on how to use this device before your scan starts. It is common to experience some heating or flushing in particular areas of the body, especially those areas being scanned. MRI staff will inform you prior to your scan if you are likely to experience this sensation during your examination.

 Patients with a high level of anxiety, motion disorders or breathing problems are encouraged to speak to MRI staff prior to their examination.