Prostate MRI

Your preparation requirements

Patients’ are required to follow a low-fibre dietary plan before their appointment, and may also be instructed to use a bowel preparation. Prior to your examination you will need to fast from food for 6 hours. At the time of booking you will be provided with more details regarding all preparation requirements.

All patients are requested to arrive 15 minutes before their appointment time to fill out a patient consent form. This form is also available on our website to fill in prior to your scan. The imaging staff will go through the form again with you before your scan to make sure all the information provided is accurate.

What to expect

The imaging staff (radiographer/nurse) will require you to change into a patient gown prior to entering the MRI room. This ensures all metallic and electronic objects are removed from your body. You will be provided with a locker to keep your things safe while you are having your scan.

Our MRI suite is equipped with coloured lighting and wall projections, giving a relaxed feel to the room.

For your examination, imaging staff will ask you to lie on your back. Support for under your knees and blankets are available if required.

Earplugs and headphones will be given for you to wear, as the machine is quite noisy whilst imaging.

Will I need an injection?

Prostate examinations commonly require administration of intravenous Buscopan to help reduce bowel motion and enhance image quality. In addition to this you may be need to have an injection of an MRI contrast (gadolinium) to help better visualise anatomy.

If these are required for your scan it will be discussed with you before proceeding.

How long will it take?

Each MRI scan can vary in length depending on what your doctor has asked for. Generally, prostate scans take about 40 minutes, however we will give you a more accurate time duration once your scan begins.

MRI Consent form

Please click HERE to download our consent form. If you answer “YES” to any of the questions, please contact our friendly staff on 08 8357 8855.