MRI made easier for you

Medicare currently have stringent rules regarding MRI referrals that allow a patient rebate to be applicable. However, due to budget cut-backs Medicare are no longer issuing any further access to Medicare funded MRI. The consequences of this may change the way MRI is currently able to be billed, especially for those who provide bulk-billing. Due to diminished tiers of funding within Medicare, we are unable to bulk-bill patients for their imaging.

Can I refer for MRI?

At Sound Radiology we accept medically indicated MRI referrals from you at very affordable pricing for your patients. The out of pocket expense is comparable to the current gap payments, providing your patients with access to the only digital MRI in private practice within South Australia.

All medical professionals including allied health providers NOW have access to refer patients for MRI to help aid clinical assessment and treatment. This can be done online by clicking through to the request forms, or alternatively you can contact our practice on 08 8357 8855 if you have any concerns regarding this process.

Analogue vs. Digital

Sound Radiology has the only privately operated digital MRI in SA. Like with many other analogue versus digital comparisons (e.g. cameras and televisions), the advantages are obvious. Simply put, your patients will experience shorter scan times with the added benefit of greater image resolution, improving confidence in diagnosis.

With so many imaging pathways and practices accessible it is crucial to understand how to achieve the best outcomes for the patient without compromising on equipment standards, skilled operators and onsite Radiologists to review cases.

Specialist Reporting

Whilst we have the leader in MRI equipment, we have ensured that this is also combined with the expertise of our reporting Radiologists. Due to some MR reports requiring specialist review, reports may not always be available on the same day as imaging. Our Radiologists sub-specialties include:

  • MR Pelvis – particularly for female and infertility
  • MR Prostate – leading imaging for prostate cancer detection
  • MR Breast imaging