Digital MRI



In April 2019, Sound Radiology was awarded an MRI licence allowing patients access to Medicare rebates for eligible scans.

At Sound Radiology we are committed to investing in the best equipment for the most accurate results. We are excited to provide South Australian’s access to the first digital MRI in private practice. Digital MRI opens the doors to the best MRI image resolution over shorter scanning times.

And no more claustrophobia! We are the only provider in Australia with the latest in patient experience. You will now no longer feel ‘trapped in a tunnel’. With the latest in movie and lighting experience, you will be distracted long enough for us to get the best MRI images. You can now access our MRI machine, so call us to find out how you too can have an MRI for the best diagnosis and get back to a healthier you.

To choose Sound Radiology for your next MRI, please phone our MRI booking staff as some exclusions do apply.

We cover most MRI examinations, and this is just a list of our most commonly requested procedures: