Body Composition Scanning

DEXA Body Composition Scanning


Sound Radiology is the only radiology provider of DEXA Body Composition Scanning. The DEXA whole body scanning system is gold standard in measuring lean muscle, body
fat and bone mass for the whole body and individual regions to help you assess the need for changes in your diet and lifestyle.  If you’re serious about your fitness or weight-loss program, you need to have a baseline with which to assess your progress. Body composition scanning using DEXA will give you exactly the start you need.


  • DEXA is the gold standard in measuring body composition and is accurate to the gram, making it the easiest and quickest way to monitor the progress of your weight-loss or training regime.
  • DEXA is significantly more accurate than Bodpod, underwater weighing, bioelectrical impedance and skin-fold (calipers) measurements.
  • Only DEXA body scans deliver a 3 component scan which includes fat, lean muscle and bone.
  • The scan also gives you your overall body fat percentage to indicate whether you are within the healthy range for your age.
  • Only DEXA body scans provide regional data, including arms, legs and trunk.
  • This data will help you to be able to see small changes in specific areas, of the fat and muscle tissue, ideal for tracking the progress of your program.
  • DEXA scans enable reproducible results, meaning your progress can be tracked with the highest accuracy possible.
  • Measurement errors which can be made in other methods are eliminated and any changes between DEXA scans are real.
  • Understanding your body composition and progress along the way can give you the motivation to keep going, and highlight when your program is working and when it’s not.
  • You’ll be able to make more effective diet and training program decisions – just like athletes do – with truly accurate scientific data

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